ToshiCash and Golden Tickets

We are restructuring how yield farming works and taking steps to reduce overall circulating supply of TOSHI.

The end of ToshiCoin yields


Please allow a few days for us to transition our smart contracts and UI to ToshiCash. We believe that a tradeable yield farming token will better serve the ecosystem. Upon launch of the ToshiDAO, vote-staked rewards will also be paid in ToshiCash.

Golden Tickets

The Golden ticket is an ERC1155 token that will be available for sale on our website for 10 TOSHI each in the coming weeks. Golden Tickets will cost 10 TOSHI each, and will have a supply cap of 1000 total Golden Tickets for the first tournament. Golden Tickets will only be issued for the first tournament, and will be the most rare tournament tickets. Entrance into the tournament will only require staking of the tickets and not burning, which makes them a great collectors item on top of their existing utility.

The tournament will have Ethereum prizes and NFT prizes, which should help add additional value in secondary markets.

Liquidity locking — a commitment to price stability

Instead, to promote price stability, we will initiate a liquidity locking program on Uniswap funded buy a portion of card sales and revenue upon launch of the game. We believe that this will help evidence our long term commitment to the community.

OpenSea Sales Contest

Toshimon is a browser based game that uses limited release NFT collectibles as in-game items.