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Toshimon is a browser based game that uses limited release NFT collectibles as in-game items.
Polymon is the first ever Digital and Fire type Toshimon

The Cyber Hornet LP NFT

We are restructuring how yield farming works and taking steps to reduce overall circulating supply of TOSHI.

The end of ToshiCoin yields

ToshiCoin yields have ended today. What this means is that you will no longer earn ToshiCoin from staking TOSHI/ETH LP tokens, but you can still claim your existing tokens and use those to buy packs. …

Quick Dojo update:

As many of you know, NFT creation can be very expensive on gas — and ETH 2.0 scaling is likely still 18–24 months out. We have the Dojo contract as optimized as we can now for Ethereum, and its a bit hefty in the gas department. We currently have it…

Visualization of Type match-ups


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