The second airdrop of TOSHI will occur as follows:

20,000 - airdropped pro-rata to LP NFT stakers

10,000 -- airdropped pro-rata to the top 50 Gen 1 pack openers

10,000 - used as liquidity locking incentives, with 10% of sales of second edition Toshimon packs used to lock liquidity by buying LP NFTs. These LP NFTs will be given out as tournament prizes over the next 5 years

This airdrop will occur after full game launch.



The Cyber Hornet LP NFT

Our two newest NFTs have a few unique benefits for holders. Greyscale and Cyber Hornet can be staked to farm ToshiCash and are also an in-game cosmetic item. Staking multiple LP cards in any combination will add ToshiCash yield.

Owning these cards showcases a long-term commitment to the Toshimon ecosystem. As such, owning one or both LP NFTs will be required to participate in the Toshimon game beta launching in a few weeks.

Buy Greyscale here:

Buy Cyber Hornet here:

Keep an eye out for an article on our new staking contract which will be launching in the next few days. Purchasing LP NFTs will not penalize your snapshot.



soon —

-Launch of our wiki: a fun and educational place to learn more about Toshimon

-Launch of ToshiStore: a place where you can buy Toshimon cards and items using ToshiCash or Ethereum

Launch of NFT liquidity incentives: Uniswap LPs will receive increased yield if they stake certain rare NFTs


-Launch of game beta: Playable, browser-based multiplayer battles using WebRTC and your Toshimon card NFTs

-Launch of ToshiDao: vote-staked yield using Toshi tokens and NFTs



Toshicash and the new staking mechanism will be unveiled this Sunday along with our new upgraded website. Please remain staked until the upgrade is complete to receive your bonus.

The Matic solution is in the works, as well as the beta version of the game itself. Both are on track to be completed by the end of Q1, likely earlier.

We will build even more momentum as more features become ready in the coming weeks.







Toshimon is a browser based game that uses limited release NFT collectibles as in-game items.